WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:33.373 Hi. I'm MengChi from Taiwan, and I'm a clinical doctor trying to switch my career into UX design. And I found the Interaction Design Foundation from  a famous book called *The Design of Everyday Things*, and the author recommended the IxDF. So, I looked it up online and I found that provided articles with great qualities. The courses here are quite different from other online platforms. They are a combination of article and video content. And they even provide open-ended questions that instructors will write feedback to you. 00:00:33.373 --> 00:00:56.489 And that really helps me as a course taker to fully understand the course content. And they also have courses that teach you how to  write a portfolio. So, after taking those courses, I have my own portfolio now and I'm ready to start my career as a UX designer. So, if you are still considering becoming a member in the IxDF, I would definitely recommend you to sign up!