4. 第四章:使命



使命是指你的目标 游戏化 活动. 必须小心鉴别, 因为它决定了你努力的最终成败. In this 章 we will discuss the aspects to consider when choosing a meaningful 任务 that can be used internally by the 游戏化 team to guide their endeavors.

4.1 创建有效任务的步骤


  • 理解当前场景
  • 理解目标业务结果
  • 识别一个S.M.A.R.T. 任务

首先要很好地理解你要解决的问题, 而且 the outcome you are trying to achieve; based on this underst而且ing, 设置一个S.M.A.R.T的使命.


Analyze current scenario, underst以及目标业务结果 而且 设置一个S.M.A.R.T. 任务 由Janaki库马尔和马里奥·埃尔热提供. 版权:cc - at - nd(创作共用属性- noderivative.0 Unported).

图4.1: Analyze current scenario, underst以及目标业务结果 而且 设置一个S.M.A.R.T. 任务

4.1.1 分析现状

当前场景是玩家今天所做的事情. It involves studying the work practices currently followed by the employee, customer, or partner.

获得这些信息的最好方式是通过 定性研究 如观察、实地考察和访谈. 目标是要发展壮大 同理心 针对目标玩家. 一个有效的方法是通过 设计思考 (脚注1) 设计学院提供的方法论, 斯坦福大学Hasso Plattner设计学院 (脚注2).

If the gamified software is for internal use, it is relatively easy to access the target player. 如果游戏化是标准软件的一部分, 然而, the level of customer intimacy required may not be achievable through the normal recruiting processes. 为了克服这个问题,皇冠官网登录建议建立Co-创新 与一些重要客户建立合作关系. For more information on Co-创新 Partnerships, refer to Appendix A.12.

4.1.2 理解目标业务结果

在高水平上, 目标场景是管理层希望员工做什么, 做客户还是做合作伙伴. For example, they may want sales reps to sell more, customers to buy more. 然而, this is too high level 而且 we need to go deeper to create an effective 任务.

The best way to get this information is to interview stakeholders to underst而且 the behavior change they wish to see in the organization.

4.1.3 识别一个S.M.A.R.T. 任务

基于对当前情景的分析, 以及对目标场景的理解, 皇冠官网登录可以为皇冠官网登录的游戏化项目确定一个任务. 皇冠官网登录建议游戏化任务要明确, 可衡量的, 可操作的, 现实且有时限. 这些元素被封装在首字母缩写S中.M.A.R.T.

Let us examine the applications of these dimensions in defining a 任务 in the following case:

A公司呼叫中心的客户满意度评分较低. Management have examined the cause of this problem 而且 identified that call center agents are not sufficiently knowledgeable about their new product's features 而且 functions, 而且 are therefore not able to provide satisfactory answers to customer questions. 公司为代理商提供了在线培训资料. 然而,只有10%的特工完成了培训. 公司决定尝试游戏化来激励代理. What is an appropriate 任务 for this enterprise 游戏化 project?

对于上述情况, we do not recommend you choose "Increase Customer Satisfaction" as your 游戏化 任务. Although it is somewhat specific 而且 可衡量的, it is not 可操作的, or time-bound.

相反,皇冠官网登录建议您查看 根本原因 缺乏训练的与缺乏训练有关的. A more effective 任务 is to "Increase completion of training 活动 to 80% in 3 months". This 任务 is specific, can be measured, is 可操作的 by players, 而且 time-bound. 要知道在给定的时间框架内它是否现实, 皇冠官网登录需要检查当前场景和目标场景.

4.1.4 任务选择的附加指南 不要碍事

用户粘性是任何游戏化任务的重要组成部分. 然而, 小心选择要游戏化的应用程序部分, 然后相应地选择你的任务. 企业软件公司的主要目标是实现具体的业务成果. Therefore, ensure that 游戏化 does not get in the way of such critical business processes. 拥抱迭代

以玩家为中心的设计是迭代的. Therefore, information 皇冠官网登录ed at later stages in the process may shed more light on previous stages. For example, during the course of analyzing the current scenario, underst而且ing target 场景,并确定任务,皇冠官网登录可能会更多地了解玩家. If this were to happen, we can go back 而且 adjust our player persona based on this new information. 迭代 这是包括游戏化在内的任何创新努力的关键吗.

The 任务 of 游戏化 could be revisited for new releases of the application to maximize business outcome.

4.2 任务的例子

Here are a few non-enterprise examples to illustrate how to identify a 任务:

4.2.1 例:日常健身

  • 当前场景大多数人乘自动扶梯而不走楼梯
  • 目标场景皇冠官网登录希望人们走楼梯
  • 任务: Encourage majority of subway passengers to take the stairs instead of the escalator in a fun 而且 engaging way.

这是一个团队在大众钢琴楼梯项目中所做的. 查看视频: http://www.thefuntheory.com/piano-staircase

钢琴楼梯 版权所有©大众汽车. 版权所有. 根据合理使用原则,未经许可使用. See the "Exceptions" section (而且 subsection "fairUse") of the copyright notice.


4.2.2 例:低于限速行驶

  • 当前场景:司机超速驾驶
  • 目标场景皇冠官网登录希望司机遵守所公布的速度限制
  • 任务: Get more people to drive at or below the speed limit by making it fun to do.

This is the story of Speed 相机彩票 that started as a Volkswagen fun project, 而且 was later implemented in Sweden where it reduced average speed from 35 km to 25 km/hour. 点击查看视频 http://www.thefuntheory.com/speed-camera-lottery-0

相机彩票 版权所有©大众汽车. 版权所有. 根据合理使用原则,未经许可使用. See the "Exceptions" section (而且 subsection "fairUse") of the copyright notice.


4.2.3 企业示例:名称中包含的内容?

  • 当前场景
    The company has grown fast, 而且 the employees no longer know their co-workers' names. 他们觉得自己是在和陌生人一起工作.
  • 目标场景
  • 任务

Every time an employee logs in, he/she is presented with a co-worker's face 而且 three possible names. The employee identifies the co-worker, 而且 gets to 皇冠官网登录 a little bit about them.

4.3 Summary

任务是指游戏化活动的目标. Setting a good goal for the 游戏化 project involves underst而且ing the current scenario, 以及目标业务结果, 为你的游戏化项目设定适当的任务.

用户粘性是任何游戏化任务的重要组成部分. 然而, 在企业环境中, ensure that 游戏化 does not get in the way of a person's core job. 选择一个S.M.A.R.T. 任务, to allow the team to measure the success of their 游戏化 strategy against this agreed-upon 任务.

4.4 来自SAP社区网络的见解

Having created a player persona, the next step was to identify the 任务.

  • 现状:环境复杂,支持少
  • SAP's Target Business Outcome: Increase customer satisfaction by increasing the quality of SAP implementations
  • 任务 of SCN: Help SCN professionals succeed by providing them access to a large community of experts by increasing number of active users, 通过突出最优秀的贡献者来表彰卓越

The original assumption was that the most frequent participants in the community would be consultants 而且 IT professionals from large companies. 然而, it turned out that a large number of early contributors were independent consultants or members of smaller IT teams. 他们欢迎与其他开发者的皇冠老牌网站. They participated actively in the community 而且 shared their expertise generously. This created a positive momentum, 而且 made visible the helpful 而且 generous spirit of the community. 很快, this encouraged employees from larger companies to engage with a similar community spirit, 他们开始分享他们的知识以造福所有人.

SCN的使命, 共享信息, 皇冠官网登录, 与他人建立皇冠老牌网站, was appealing to SAP professionals who did not have a large network of their own. 他们认为这是一个让更多人看到自己的机会.